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Collage Work

Collage work can be the quickest way to clarify your intentions and analyze the emotional content of your choices.

Consider purchasing the Vision Board package here by clicking on the Vision Board photo below:

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today! 

...Or work with Karen personally to create a hand-made vision-board in a richly experiential collage-making session, filled with "ah-ha!"'s (see case-study below).

Below is a case study from someone who has benefited from personal collage work:

Anna worked with OutPicturing on picture collages to help her vividly imagine living without foot pain, and moving ahead with her life.

"Collages have helped me more than any other tool to really feel the truth of living without pain and moving ahead. Karen's intuitive guidance through the process was what really made all the difference. She helped me realize that it's so much more than pictures. It's where I place my intention as a result of my picture choices."