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"Working with Karen was such a delightful and enriching experience that I can't say enough about her and her work.  She intuitively helped me realize where I wanted to go, gently guiding me along my path with her expertise and creative ideas, yet always allowing me to stay true to myself."

Barbara Percival



"In the past when I have spoken to others about developing a web site and business cards, I didn't feel that they really understood what I wanted to portray about my business.  In talking to Karen, it took 2 minutes to  know that she understood and had the creativity to aid me in expressing my business to others fully and completely.  I cannot thank her enough for making the whole experience smooth and efficient, in fact it was FUN!  I never thought a web design could be so beautiful."

Mary Witt



"When I met and discussed my need for a web site I had no idea what I was in for.  What a pleasurable experience you made it for me.  One of the most impressive parts of the experience was you just talking and asking questions to get a feel of what we were trying to convey with our site. You did that beyond my expectations.  In addition to that you gave me different options and suggestions and allowed me to make the decision that was best for me.  Finally, you are just a person that I am so grateful to have gotten to know.  You made it such a positive experience." 

Greg Roezler
The Playmakers



"Karen is a gifted professional. She brings a positive attitude along with a deep understanding of what needs to be accomplished. I particularly enjoy her caring and cheerful nature. I have recommended Karen to several of my friends."

Bobbie Brandon

Health Practitioner ndonphd.com


"Karen is the most powerfully intuitive person I have ever met or worked with.  Her work has been the cornerstone of the most positively life-altering changes that I have made in my life."

Tina Cardinale
Principal, Mythos Productions